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About us

  KONSIS emerged as a full scope conference and event organizing company from its prior focus solely on Interpretation and Translation services. This development is entirely based on client requirements. Clients previously ordering only interpretation, started to order other conference services as well. KONSiS has acquired own Conference Equipment, including Bosch Next Generation Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, sound systems, laptops, LCD projectors/screens, and etc.
 KONSiS management believes that key to success is its valuable assets and doesn’t neglect to attract professionals in each field. Together with its unique staff and state-of-the-art equipment KONSiS is proud to be the only interpretation company in Azerbaijan with its capital investment in both human and technology.
 We continue to build upon this strategy. This hybrid investment in human and technology proved to be successful in recent years. Other companies fail to compete with our prices, as our cost is smaller compared to those who outsource the interpreters and equipment.

We assign a project manager to each individual project, who oversees the entire process from receiving the task to final delivery of services. Project managers responsible for overall quality of the services provided.