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Rental of lighting systems

Modern business is unthinkable without conferences, and professional organization of the event requires competent and comprehensive approach. For your event to be held at the highest level, you should consider several important aspects, such as lighting, projection and sound equipment which facilitates comprehensive reporting of informaton to the members. Having conference hall equipped with state-of-the-art technical facilities is advantage, however not all of the Azerbaijani companies can afford such kind of prestige. The rental of lighting system offered by Konsis LLC  (separately or in a set with other equipment required for conference organization) is the best solution for helding one-time events, it will avoid wasting financial funds and eliminate problems.

Rental of lighting equipment from Konsis: complex approach and an excellent result!

Lighting system professionally installed by experienced lighting technician – is an integral part of any business meeting. It allows not only to achieve high level lighting, but also to solve designer problems (divides hall into zones, highlights rostrum and dims the seats for not to distract the speaker).

Konsis LLC is pleased to offer “turnkey” lighting services to the companies in Baku. These services include not only rental of lighting systems, also rental of relevant equipment, assistance for installation, configuration and usage during whole event. You do not need to worry about your conference while cooperating with us, as well as save time, effort and considerable financial funding. Rental of lighting services in our company will be significantly cheaper than elsewhere in Azerbaijan.

There are other reasons, why you should entrust the lighting design of your conference to KONSIS LLC:

  • our company has all required equipment for complex lighting equipment which just can be required. It allows to organize main and decorative illumination of small-size halls and as well as carry out professional lighting of internal halls;
  • all offered equipment is being manufactured by the world’s leading brands and supplied on an excellent technical condition, thanks to this we can guarantee reliability and safety of the hall;
  • we will install and configure equipment, thanks to this you will get rid of problem on searching professional lighting engineers;
  • by reserving lighting system in advance, you can take advantage of discount offered for the rental;
  • Our managers are always happy to help you choose the best and profitable lighting system for your task.

Rental of lighting systems from Konsis will turn the visual perception of the organized conference to the new and high impressive level!

Robe Color Spot 1200AT – 21 EA
Robe Color Spot
Robe Robin 600 LED Wash – 50 EA
Robe Robin
Robe Color Wash 575 Zoom – 10 EA
Robe Color Wash
Coemar PARLite LED – 16 EA
Coemar PARLite LED
Coemar Stagelite LED – 8 EA
Coemar Stagelite LED
Par 56 – 20 EA
Par 56 – 20
Follow Spot 1200 – 2 EA
Follow Spot 1200
High end Road HOG – 1 EA
High end Road HOG
Martin Light Jokey USB – 3 EA
Martin Light Jokey
Dimmer Proel 6CH at 2Kw
Dimmer Proel