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Rental of sound system

The success of organization of any conference depends on multiple elements, one of them is qualitatively organized sound sound system. The rental of the sound system is more beneficial for the companies organizing meetings, seminars or other business events in Baku from time to time, instead of buying the equipment.

The fact of the matter is that purchase of professional equipment is quite expensive perspective. If there is no any requirement to use this equipment often, or there is no any special room for installation of the equipment of conference hall – this purchase can be considered irrational. Furthermore, each room has unique acoustic settings and configuration of proper sound of audio technology – this is the job of professional sound engineer and you should pay salary.

Rental of sound system provided by Konsis LLC – is not only the guarantee of quality and successful organization of business event, but also an excellent way to reduce the cost of organization, because:

  • we offer you best sound systems form leading world brands for solving any sound tasks. Our managers are always ready to assist in identifying of class and volume for your requests regarding sound system;
  • rental of the sound system includes not only cost of installation and configuration, but also comprehensive support for the event, and this guarantees operability of equipment free from load and “technical problems”;
  • at the same time, due to the volume and complexity of provided services the price for the rental of equipment is one of the most accessible in Baku.

Sound systems from Konsis: professional sound “landscape” for the conferences of any scale!

Identifying parameters of working platform, our specialists will select the best option for the requirements and format of business event. Taking into consideration architecture and sound parameters of the hall taken from measurements of sound landscape, experienced sound engineers will mount, properly install and configure audio-systems. As a result, you will get:

  • perfect sound transfer and uniformity;
  • truly effective communication for all participants of the business event;
  • clarity and good audibility of speaker from each corner of the meeting room;
  • technical support throughout the entire event.
Dynacord Cobra PWH – 12 EA
Dynacord Cobra PWH
ElectroVoice Rx212 – 12 EA
ElectroVoice Rx212
EAW KF-740 – 16 EA
EAW KF-730 – 16 EAhttp://www.eaw.com/products/kf740.html
EAW SB-2001 – 16 EAhttp://www.eaw.com/products/SB2001.html EAW SB-2001
Meyer Sound
http://www.meyersound.com/MICA – 14 EA
http://www.meyersound.com/products/mseries/mica/Sub-700hp – 8 EA
http://www.meyersound.com/products/concertseries/700hp/ M2D – 8 EA
Meyer Sound
Bose L1 Model 1 – 4 EAhttp://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/speakers/portable_amplification_systems/l1_model1s/l1_model1s_singlebass_pkg.jsp Bose L1 Model 1
Bose L1 Model 2 – 4 EAhttp://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/speakers/portable_amplification_systems/l1_model2/l1_model2_doublebass_pkg.jsp Bose L1 Model 2
Dynacord PowerMate 1000 10ch – 1 EAhttp://www.dynacord.com/en/products/7/5/29/102/index.html Dynacord PowerMate 1000 10ch
Dynacord PowerMate 1600 16ch – 1 EAhttp://www.dynacord.com/en/products/1/5/29/103/index.html Dynacord PowerMate 1600 16ch
AH GL 2400 24ch – 1 EA
AH GL 2400 16ch – 1 EA
AH GL 2800 40ch – 1 EAhttp://www.allen-heath.com/uk/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=GLSeries&ProductId=GL2800
YAMAHA M7CL 48ES – 1 EAhttp://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/products/mixers/m7cl/ YAMAHA M7CL 48ES
Splitters Klark Teknik – 4 EA
Splitters Klark Teknik