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We are pioneers in digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment rental in Azerbaijan. We own Bosch and Taiden digital infrared interpretation equipment and provided technical support at hundreds of events.

We communicate with event venue and your team to smoothly coordinate all aspects of installation, operation and dismantling of simultaneous equipment for your event, as we have experience working in most venues.

Even if your assigned venue has built-in interpretation equipment, we can operate it for you or integrate our interpretation equipment to work seamlessly with event venue equipment.

We communicate with your audio visual company and we manage all areas of service – bump in, installation, operation and bump out – in consultation with you, and without the need for supervision. We also manage the freight including duties, customs, carnet’s and local delivery.

Konsis is a specialist provider of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and will ensure the successful Interpretation of your event. We also provide equipment to Ganja, Sheki, Gakh, Guba, Lankaran,  Shamakhı and many other regions of Azerbaijan.

Our equipment:


Bosch Integrus System
Commercial Brochure
6 languages
8 Radiators
Taiden Interpretation Systems
3 Languages
4 Radiators
Simultaneous Interpretation Booths
6 EA

Round Table Discussion Systems

Bosch DCN Next Generation
http://www.boschsecurity.asia/content/language1/html/6225_ENU_XHTML.aspDelegate Microphones – 96 EA
Central Control Units – 4EA
Max Conference Delegate Systems
60 EA
Max Conference Delegate Systems