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Online modules for abstract management

If you would like to invite participants to your event and want them to deliver abstracts or want them to participate in event, online modules for abstracts are designed for you! We can set up a page in the website of your event, where you can manage speeches online, provide all papers and follow the process.

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Abstract – this is just a summary of the work or articles, that others can use as a review. It contains the summary of the work, whether it is a scientific article describing experimental results or theoretical publication.

It is necessary for finding your publication. For example, in scientific journals abstract enables the reader to quickly navigate, whether the publication is included into the interest area of the reader. The summary also helps readers to quickly understand the core idea of the work.

At scientific conferences, this is considered for other scientists from your industry. In other cases, it should be understandable for untrained teacher or scholars working in other areas?

Although, all resumes are used to achieve virtually the same goal, there are two types of abstracts.  Descriptive explains the task and goal of your work methods, but it says nothing about the results achieved. Actually, it consists of only 100-200 words.

Informative abstract is a summarized version of your article and contains an overview of entire study, including its results. Such a long descriptive and may take from one paragraph to the whole page.

Main information, contained in both abstract types are same, the main difference is that the results are included only to the informative, and it is much more descriptive.

The reader needs to know why research is important, and what is its objective. Usually descriptive begin with a discussion of the following issues:

  • – What were the reasons to give decisions for the current study
  • – How the research study was conducted
  • – What has been discovered in the result
  • – Why work and its results are important
  • – Why do you need to read the entire article


It indicates a “problem”, which is dedicated to the work, that is the primary issue considered in the work. We should also repeat a common format with common “entry”, “a major part” and “conclusions” and must also give a clear explanation of articles and research. There is no place for unclear and ambigious phrases and wording.

If your abstract will be printed in the journal, it should be easily found out. While searching, readers will do certain requests on online-databases in hopes of finding a similar study.

Abstract is a summary, and therefore should not include specific details of the study, in addition to possible names and places. Link is all that is needed. In abstracts, usually there is wide view over work.

Usually abstracts occupy one or two paragraphs, they should not be more than 10% of the entire article.