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shutterstock_105877466Hotel accommodation

The necessary element in the organization of events with the participation of guests from other cities is their accommodation at the hotels. We provide complex services for the selection of temporary accommodation premises for guests and for the location.

Booking hotels

KONSIS has established business relations with different types of hotels in all cities of Azerbaijan. Our database includes information about the best hotels, mini-hotels, hotels of country, room types, terms of accommodation and residence, and about prices. We also monitor information on current promo-campaigns and discounts. So, we can select hotel and room for each participant with the consideration of the following elements:

  • event budget – it is possible to select econom-class or accommodation for VIP guests;
  • venue – we try to select the hotel as close as possible. Ideal option – is booking rooms at the same hotel, where the conference-hall for event is rented;
  • list of additional services that may be of interest to participants-Wi-Fi, catering, taxi-call, etc.

Our colleagues gather information on the available places in a hotel of the city and if the terms of accommodation is suitable for the requirements, they realize booking of the rooms in advance. As the permanent corporate client of a range of hotels in Azerbaijan, KONSIS can offer the most favourable conditions.

Group planning

Finding temporary accommodation for one person is not difficult. It is slighlty difficult to settle large group of guests, however this can not be considered as difficult situation for our professionals. In the framework of preparation, we gather information on availability of rooms in different hotels and develop the most convenient and advantageous options for visitors. Providing advance group planning, operating information about the date, venue of the event and number of participants, and prepare applications for booking of rooms.

There is possible options for accommodation depending on the size of the hotel business in the city where the event is being organized, as well as by the number of participants. Whenever possible, we are trying to accommodate all guests in one hotel, located within walking distance from the venue. It is also possible to form groups according to different criteria: guests from the same town, from the same organization, and members with the same status are accomodated in one hotel/in one room. Rooms equipped with convenient working conditions are selected for mass-media representatives , and hotels with corresponding classes are being reserved for VIP guests (pop stars, governmental representatives).