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Media services

Event organizers are striving to ensure that the event was not left unnoticed by the general public. Participants sharing their impressions about event contribute to the social resonance partially. However, the mass media coverage by our side is much more efficient.

Invitation to local news and television agencies

We will ensure the invitation of local news agencies and television channels to your event. Our specialists have all the necessary contacts and have a great experience with the media, there is also forged personal relationships, that simplifies the process of invitation.

We know how to write a media information package: announcement, press release, invitation for journalists, tv correspondents. Press-release developed and distributed by our specialists can attract attention of mass media representatives and involve them: catchy title, maximum accuracy from the first rows, correctly placed accents, formulation of informational basis, important details about the event (format, date, time, venue, agenda, participants list, duration).

We use different channels for informing media on the upcoming event:

  • publication of announcements on online resources;
  • delivery of press releases by e-mail, fax;
  • telephone calls to the Agency, live communication, confirmation of the turnout.

Our representative also takes calls of the journalists, responds to arising questions.

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Creating a room for media representatives

The invitation of media representatives to the event is not sufficient, you must take care of their siting, creating conditions for working and access to the important information. We are developing and placing special signs, tables considered to help guests in finding working room. We can also appoint a person, responsible for meeting journalists and coordination of their actions.

Typically,  rented halls of business centres, hotels and other buildings for the realization of event contains not only from conference-halls,  but also premises suitable for the work of mass media representatives. During holding the event outdoors, the room for the press, television, news agencies is being established in walking distance from the venue.

We prepare the guest list and pick up the premise with sufficient area to accommodate them, equip it with the right amount of working places, create conditions for work with equipment. Room for media representatives is equipped with telephone, fax, computer, provides Wi-Fi Internet access included, all conditions for operational linkages with agencies, editions is being established. Tables are equipped with the plates with information about guests on it. It is possible to provide each guest with a personal set, which includes writing accessories, bottle of water and a glass.


Monitoring of mass media means

Mass media monitoring, message tracking and devoted publications are being held after the event. The efficiency of the event is being assessed in terms of the interest of press towards the event, coverage by publications, their tonality. The dynamics of publishing, their distribution over time, as well as their distribution according to sectors is being monitored (television, press, news online resources and other forms of mass media). Mass media means broadcasting event are being listed, with the largest and most reputable ones on the top.

Clip reports containing copies of articles, video and other materials, as well analytics and statistics are being designed according to the monitoring materials. The total number of mentions about the event, number of positive and negative feedback is being counted, and the TOP-10 (TOP-5) most active information channels and authors is being designed. Clip report materials can then be used on the corporate web-site of the company organizing the event.