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Each hard work starts with the drafting process and the organization of the event is not exception. Competently arranged plan – is the key to the successfully organized event. Our team creatively approaches to the development of projects and guarantees flawless implementation. Event designing consists of several components.

Venue planning

The place for holding event – is one of the priority issues that need to be addressed in the course of its planning. It is necessary to take into account the format and purpose of the event – conference room supplied with necessary equipment will be needed for conferences and workshops. Banquet hall will be more suitable for the presentation of the good, and the scene is significant for show-presentation. For outdoor events and some exhibitions, it is necessary to pick up platform under the open sky.

We also select venues according to the expected number of participants, take into account the transport accessibility of the venue, the possibility of accomodating participants in nearby hotels. While selecting unconventional venue, we try to develop its plan in such a manner that will be possible to use all the possibilities of the place. Once determining the venue, Konsis staff will immediately reserve the place for necessary date and draw up a written contract.

Preparation of event agenda

There is a special form of an action plan, which reflects information about the organizer, name, format, subject and purpose of the event, place and time of the target audience. The form also considers all types of works those are necessary to be accomplished during preparation phase (starting from establishment of organizing committee), deadlines for delivery and responsible persons. Agenda includes the list of actions those should be carried out within the time period of the event: registration of participants, their placement, main part, coffee-break, banquet or buffet table, tours, closing remarks. All these events are listed with their day and hour of organization.

Budget allocation

It is impossible to ignore the financial issues during planning of any kind of event. Cost-estimate is being drawn-up according to the budget of the event. All expenditure items with the consideration of the amount, that can be spent or distributed by the organizer of the committee, should be determined.

Expenditures for the preparation and holding of the event are divided to the fixed and variable, the latter depends on the number of guests. Fixed costs include expenditures for the rent and designing of the venue (platform), equipment rental (if necessary), payment for the service by specialists, transportation charges and other expenditures depending on the format of the event. Variable costs include expenditures on the organization of catering for participants (buffet table, coffee-break), preparation of invitation cards, dress cards, and other personal printed products, preparation or purchasing of presents, souvenirs. We also recommend to allocate some amount (up to 10% of the total budget) during planning for the unexpected events.

Planning of coordination

Important role in the preparation and holding of the event rests on the administrator or team of specialists, carrying out overall coordination of the project. Their work is also being planned, the responsibility of all employees participating in the organization of the event is being distributed. During the planning of coordination, it is necessary to take into account issues those should be settled by the coordinator:

  • drawing up list of contractors and plan of interaction;
  • logistics, organization of meetings and delivery of guests to the venue, place of residence, as well as their welcoming;
  • assistance with registration, real-time search for solutions during force-majeure situations;
  • providing consulting for participants on all emerging issues;
  • controlling the readiness of venues, availability and operability, equipment, timeliness of provision transportation, catering and other services;
  • monitoring the realization of cultural programmes.

During planning coordination, it is important to have a backup plan of action for the different phases of preparation and holding of the event.

Report Preparation

If you order package service for the organization of the event, after the completion of the event we will provide detailed report. This report will include the number of invited guests and real number of participants. The list of media representatives and VIP-persons can also be included into this report. The document contains a description of the program of activities, speeches, the reactions of those participants on those or other events. The necessary component of the report is a detailed cost estimate. Generally, the report contains a section of “Notes”, in which our experts note especially successfull and weak moments, analysing the causes of failures, and make recommendations to avoid their repetition in the future. The report may include pictures and materials for media monitoring reflecting the event.