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Important stage of any event – is the registration of participants. It is held in two stages – preliminary and directly at the venue.

IMG_8014Online registration on the website of your event

If there is a special designed web-resource for your event, we can create and install convenient online registration on this site. Registration via the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to filling paper registration forms:

  • it is possible customize the data entry form, language interface can be selected;
  • filling in a registration form does not take much time, random errors are easily fixed, there is no need to send documents by post, fax;
  • simplified registration on sections and on separate, optional activities;
  • convenient filtering participants according to the roles (speakers, media representatives, guests, partners) and status (beginners, advanced and experts);
  • organizer gets opportunity to control the registration process in real time, and to receive full reports in time.

It is possible to include several other tools to the host of online-registration: booking accomodation, transfer orders, excursions booking, formation of accounts, acceptance of online payments, moduling questionnaries. Registration data can be used for preparation of badges, invitation cards. Forms make contributions in formulation of portrait of targeted audience and increasing efficiency of advertising company in the framework of the event. Also, it is possible to implement the delivery of alerts, news for registered participants.

On-site registration

IMG_3521Online registration is the first prerequisite for the registration of participants. During arrival to the event, they must confirm their application. During preliminary registration on the web-site, each participant is being assigned with a unique number-code. For getting badge, map, it is enough to mention this code to the operator by approaching to the registration desk. The procedure takes a few seconds.

Depending on the scale of events, we can arrange sufficient number of operators among our employees to carry out on site registration, as well install multiple sets of equipment (laptop+printer) for the independent registration of arrived participants through entering identification code with subsequent print of badge. Hostess through welcoming participants will provide advise for all questions, direct them to the necessary section, and packer will present each participant with the package of informational and promotional materials.

Printing dress cards (badges) for participants

IMG_9111Badges are used for the identification of participants (dress cards). We develop them in compliance with the fundamental principles:

  • the name of the partcipant should be written with a large, readable font;
  • minimum details, distracting attention;
  • dress cards are developed in corporative style, which allows participants of the same event to unmistakably recognize each other, even if, there will be several events in one building;
  • there is opportunity to print badges in different colors for easy identification of participants with different roles and positions.

If the area of event is divided into different zones and there is a entrance system, dress card can be supplied with QR-Code, barcode those you should scan or with RFID-tag that is read by radio. This system allows organizers to track the movement of participants, to identify the most popular areas.

Also, there is a service for several events, preparing depersonalized maps, acting as tickets, passes, as well badges-with empty blanks, to which each participant enters own name by handwriting. Their printing is possible before the start of registration. It is relevant to print the name materials during registration at the desk, by entering information to the template.