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Provision with personnel

The old principle of “Staff determines everything” has not lost its relevance today. The success of any event depends on a significant extent on the personnel participating in the organization and implementation issues. We provide qualified personnel for the comprehensive support of your event.

  • Organizer of the events

He/she is the event-manager. He/she listens to the customer, and is able to hear even unvoiced thoughts, offer several options to select and recommend the most relevant one. Develops commercial offers and designs event plan based on the budget. Draws creative script, elaborate everything in detail.

  • Host and hostess of events

The representative of the event, which is seen by participants entering to the territory of the event. It could be man, woman or both of them. Their duties include meeting guests, creating a friendly environment, answers to all questions, solve all problems, drawing attention to the information stands, escorting participants to the correct place.

  • Staff, carrying out registration

First of all, they are operators. They find the name (ID) of the participant in paper or in electronic lists, make a mark on the arrival, provide badges, map, print, which can be carried out directly on site registration. Operators can get assistance from packers, who is responsible for packages of informational and promotional materials, and providing these materials to the guests at the time of registration.


  • Administrative staff

These are people, coordinating the work of creative, technical, promotional staff, outsourced specialists team and distributing responsibility. They get agreement with contractors, advise organization of events in official services, approve action plan, models, menus, controls each phase of preparation and direct organization, provide customers with records.

  • Videographer

You need a detailed, high-quality video about the event? Videographer with professional equipment will take care of this issue. He/she selects the most effective camera angle, will carry out recording and subsequent installation, and creat a video-movie.

  • Photographer

This specialist can capture the key points of the event, hold a photo-session for the guests, create a photo essay on the basis of photo materials. The master of photography can carry out photo shooting being unnoticed by the most part of the participants, without interfereing to the course of events.

  • IT specialists

Nowadays, holding events is unthinkable without IT-technologies. Exchange of information, coordination of all key moments, registration of participants and many other tasks are solved by the help of computers. IT-specialist will take care of synchronization of the work of all equipment, and of the installation required for the solution of software tasks.

  • Technicians

The main elements of the technical equipment of the event is the connection and installation of lighting and sound equipment. Technicians will recommend most relevant location for equipment, control its work throughout the event. They also take care of the installation of mobile designs, decorations, ensure their timely move.

  • Guides

Most event programs include excursions. A professional guide will make this part of the program maximum fun for guests, so that, event will be memorized with the best impressions.