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Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association is a legal heir of Turkish Businessmen Workshop (TBW) established in 2002. At the General Meeting of TBW held on April 17, 2004 a resolution on renaming the organization as Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association.
Being a public association representing interests of business circles Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association (ATBA) has put its name to many achievements since the date of its establishment. According to the experts, ATBA is one of the most influential associations uniting businessmen of Azerbaijan and at the same time of foreign countries acting in Azerbaijan. Businessmen being members of ATBA and its governing bodies do a lot in the direction of joining efforts of entrepreneur society around interests of the country and nation.
At present ATBA has 96 members. More than 50 thousand people work in the companies. Investments made by members of ATBA into non-oil sector of Azerbaijan  is more than 3 billion dollars.

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