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Baku hosted a two-day regional forum to discuss the country’s shift to the 12-year education system on May 25-26.The Innovative Strategies for Supporting Transition to a 12–Year Education System forum is co-organized by the Asian Development Bank and Azerbaijan’s Education Ministry, ADB said on May 25. event support in baku azerbaijan

The forum, which will gather international education planners, experts, and policy makers from Central and West Asia, will look into the country’s education sector, currently undergoing a comprehensive restructuring to produce more skilled workers for a knowledge-based market economy.

“The conference will share good practices on K-12 transition as a key element of Azerbaijan’s move to a knowledge society”, Betty Wilkinson, Director of Public Management, Financial Sector and Trade at ADB’s Central and West Asia Department said.

The Azerbaijani government plans to realign its education system with international standards by enhancing the quality of skilled workers and facilitating access to all levels of education.

One of the pillars of the country’s National Development Strategy 2020 is the extension of primary and secondary education to 12 school years, making student attendance obligatory until age 16.

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