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What makes Konsis different and stand out in the market for Azeri written translations:
Full cycle of Translation Process Management:

Konsis written translation process

Konsis written translation process


High quality, which isachieved through several factors:

  • – Huge experience in different topics (technical, legal, medical documents, web-sites, software, etc.)
  • – Highly qualified and professional team of translators and subject matter experts
  • – Quality Assurance system which enables to achieve accuracy, adequacy and readability of translated text.We use technologically advance tools to help maximize QA process.

Use of technology (CAT tools)
We use industry leader CAT tools in our translations to achieve consistency, quality and efficiency.

Cost – effectiveness
We offer optimal price-quality relationship.We have following internal process for translations, which not all translation companies in Azerbaijan have. This requires extra costs for in-house staff, which makes our services priced higher than other translation agencies, however our quality is the best. We work with those clients, who are interested in quality translations.

Konsis Written Translation workflow

Konsis Written Translation workflow

Individual approach
Each client is special for us. We provide tailored and flexible services to meet any type of client’s requirements.

Quick turnaround times
Our experience and resources enable us to handle urgent tasks within short deadlines without sacrificing quality