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Konsis provides installation services of Conference systems with the simultaneous interpretation equipment in Baku,Azerbaijan

Conference system may be provided with the simultaneous interpretation equipment, allowing for organization of sound flow, containing the speech on the language necessary for the delegate. Interpreter’s cabin is used for this, in which the specialist dictates his own language version of the heard speech. That version is transferred to the congress system in parallel with the main data and can be (depending on the decision) controlled from the central console as well as be chosen locally by each participant. Actually it means that the congress system with the simultaneous interpretation equipment enables each participant to hear the speakers on his native language.

Application of Bosch and Taiden conference systems

Furnished equipment of Bosch conference halls has all necessary components for organization of congress systems of various levels. You can use equipment of conference halls for holding small seminars (from ten participants) or international conferences. Simultaneous interpretation equipment allows for organization of communication process for participants from different countries, voting system allows for automation of vote counting process upon decision making, and conference equipment for remote connection allows for provision of phone and video connection.

Standard issues solved with the help of conference system:

* Setting of agenda, elaboration of participants’ staff, and introduction of event minute.

* Registration of participants with the help of consoles (in half-automatic mode):

* Registration of applications for giving floor;

* Possibility of the refusal of the right to speak;

* Registration of voting results (conference hall equipment allows for organization of preferential, quantitative, individual or other alternative voting);

* Transfer of individual messages to participants.

Device for simultaneous interpretation also enables:

* Work in the direct or double interpretation mode;

* Mode of interpretation from definite language;

* Autonomous work of the interpreter or work under the coordinator’s management;

* Translation of speech through all available language channels;

* Recording of each sound channel of the congress system separately;

* Organization of contact among coordinators, recreational area and interpreters’ consoles.

* Development of shorthand reports of the event;

Standard work modes of the congress system:

* Speech;

* Discussion;

* Round table;

* Press-conference;

* Seminar;

* Concert;

* Video or film screening.

Conference equipment also allows for flexible management of system as a whole, and also its elements, softly turning on and off definite consoles of delegates and tribunes. Modern discussion system with high level of automation suggests possibility of supporting queuing in compliance with priorities.

Conference system usually includes system of sound amplification which enables comfortable, distinct, and undistorted hearing of each participant’s speech irrespective of the dimensions of the hall. Usually sound amplification system is a part of central block of conference equipment.

Designing of conference halls also suggests correction of acoustic distortions, caused by premises. The project of the conference hall can also imply translation of sound and video to different premises, for ex. in the lobby.

For hard of hearing participants connecting of conference equipment, enabling amplification of sound at place (for ex. individual telephones) is possible.

Our company provides you with:

* Direct furnishing of equipment for fitting of conference halls from Bosch;

* Flexible price policy;

* Designing of conference halls on a “turnkey” basis;

* Development of the project of the conference hall, creation concept of the conference hall, detailed technical specification and complete technical task.

* Assembling of conference halls on the basis of your technical task or completely on a “turnkey” basis;

* Upgrading of existing conference systems;

* Assembling of accompanying systems;

* Training of technical personnel for service and maintenance of conference equipment;

* Programming of complexes of conference equipment and simultaneous interpretation equipment.

* Guaranteeing of complete technical support of synchronization of halls;

* Troubleshooting, routine maintenance and repair of conference hall equipment;

* Delivery of congress system components necessary for repair works.

Role of conference systems in society’s life

Conference systems enable obtaining possibility in principle for comfortable communication among representatives of different countries, give opportunity to easily organize events of high difficulty and support comfortable demonstration of any materials. All these greatly influenced modern teaching, negotiation processes and other spheres of human activity, where the effectiveness depends on the capabilities of communication in particular.

Conference systems are also used for remote communication, for ex. organization of directors’ meeting of geographically dispersed branches of the company, consultation of medical specialists, communication on the administrative level and distance teaching. Supporting of comfortable contact with the help of conference equipment in these situations – is more than just an opportunity to provide a channel, it is also an opportunity to provide everything for mutual understanding.

Our company offers full range of technological solutions, so that you can reach mutual understanding at the organized event or in the contemplated conference hall.

KONSIS is a full-service provider for audio-visual and simultaneous interpretation equipment rental and technical support for clients. We can provide you with the following equipment: Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, Professional Sound Systems, Lightning Systems

Video Systems, Large Screens, Projectors
Podiums, Direction Boards


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