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Simultaneous interpretation – is a service which has become pretty spread lately.  It is due to popularity of different events in which participation of representatives from different countries is assumed. For the convenience of communication such events are accompanied by interpreters, and the most important and high-status ones – with the system of simultaneous interpretation.   

In Baku our company, which is over a number of years has been working in the sphere of simultaneous and other kinds of translation, offers simultaneous interpretation services.

We provide simultaneous interpretation services at such events like:

– seminars, conferences, meetings, round tables, symposia;

– presentations, exhibitions;

– other official meetings and events.

Oral simultaneous interpretationis a special type of services, assuming high level language proficiency, as it is necessary to quickly and extremely accurately reproduce in English the essence of what is pronounced by the speaker.

In practice the system of simultaneous interpretation can be consecutive and actually simultaneous. Often these two kinds are confused. The first – is a method of interpretation when a speaker pronounces a fragment of speech, makes a pause and an interpreter reproduces it in a different language. Due to this method additional equipment is not needed, and all the attendees hear the original speech as well as the translated one. Indeed such method is less cost-based according to realization means, but it requires more time.

If you want to conduct your event on a high level but you don’t have time for consecutive interpretation, then you should consider simultaneous variant. Equipment for simultaneous interpretation envisages individual means of communication for each participant – cabins, headphones, consoles, microphones etc.

Professionally trained simultaneous interpreters, who are highly specialized in their profession and receive preliminary special training, are engaged for this kind of interpretation. That’s why an ordinary interpreter cannot perform this work.

As a rule, for durable events some simultaneous interpreters are needed. This is because after a definite time the first one gets tired and it is necessary to substitute him, as simultaneous interpretation is a heavy mental burden.

Attention also should be paid to the equipment for simultaneous interpretation. Our bureau can provide you with excellent interpreters and recommend partners, who are ready to provide and install all what is necessary for complete provision of the event.

To order simultaneous interpretation service in Baku complete order on our site, indicating date of the event, venue, original language, and theme. We will stipulate number of interpreters and availability of or necessity of ordering the equipment.

Together with us you will be clear to all listeners!

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