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Simultaneous interpretation services in Baku, Azerbaijan

Contemporary development of science, business, politics, economics and many other spheres envisages cooperation of different states. Accordingly meetings, signing of documents and creation of relationship is conducted in a definite language. As a rule the English language is an international, understandable and mostly used language. In many of the countries thoughts are expressed, discussions are held, scientific articles are written in this language.

If you are an organizer of such an event where representatives of different countries and language groups are present and where provision of interpretation is needed our bureau is offering you its services.

It is neccessary to note that interpretation envisages its two types: consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpretation – is the case when the speaker says a part of the text then pauses and the interpreter repeats that part in English. In simultaneous interpretation participants immediately hear the translated text using special equipment. Such kind of interpretation saves the speaker’s time and effort, who will not confuse the text and will not have to constatntly make pauses.

Proceeding from the kind of simultaneous interpretation that you want to order our company is ready to present you an interpreter. Also equipment for simultaneous interpretation will be needed. This kind  is more official, serious. It is used on high level conferences, symposia.

Simultaneous interpretation of an event – is not a simple thing at all, but it is very important thing. That’s why for its realization engagement of highly-qualified specialists is required. For subject-matter of such events as a rule is specific and of narrow specialization. That’s why an experienced interpreter knowing special terminology and having good speech speed is needed.

If you are interested in proceeding of your event on a high level and are in search of qualified interpreters our bureau is ready to present you the best specialists. Interpreter services of our company are always professional, budget-friendly and envisage broad-based language proficiency of any of our specialists. We will select suitable interpreter for you, help you with the equipment so that the organization of your event proceeds successfully and effectively.

Apply to our company via phone numbers indicated on the site or via e-mail. You can contact us directly from the web-site. We will promote complete understanding at your event.

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