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Translation English to Azerbaijani

There are several difficulties during the translation English to Azerbaijani. For example: As there are several polysemantic words in English, during translation numerous problems occur for the correct selection of the translation. During translation from English to Azerbaijani context plays essential role in the correct selection of the translation. Nevertheless,  the synonyms are used for not losing the intent of the sentence and achieving more rich in content translation.
Numerous words of world languages were taken from English. In this regard, several English words are not translated, they are simply transcripted into the target language and sometimes adapted to the phonetics of Azerbaijani language. As in other languages, do not forget the main goal during translation into Azerbaijani language, which consists of delivering the content of translation correctly instead of literal translation. It is necessary to find semantic equivalents in the target language.
KONSIS translation company always ready to provide professional services in translation  English to Azeri and vice-versa. Our company successfully operates in this sphere since 2006. Rely your English translation on us and be satisfied from high quality service.

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