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Translation from German to Azeri

Translation from German language – is a necessity of many of international companies without exception. The German language has been long standing on the same important level with such languages as the English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Today the German language is first of all business language, and not only that. It is also common language, the language of scientific inventions, culture, medical innovations and politics. We can say with great certainty that the German language has become the language of international importance.

Our bureau also provides translation of German language. We render full set of services connected with the translation of German language. The company also provides translations from German into Azeri. Employees of our bureau – are professionals of their work. They are not only talented translators and editors but also managers with great work experience who have perfect and sector-specific command of the German language. In front of you is the list of services which we provide on translation into German language. – Translations of technical literature. These are translations of different kinds of instructions, product information, patents and documents in the sphere of standardization, any kind of project documents from German or into German. Also we can translate various manuals on the use of appliances, document or certificate data sheets. – Translation of medical literature. Translation of medical documents, instructions and annotations from German or into German language, translation of research findings, different kinds of discharge summaries, patient records and protocols for investigations, individual medical cards etc. – all these is our activity sphere. Also we deal with the translation of research documents, pharmaceutical instructions, biological and medical texts, scientific articles, dissertation papers, books, textbooks, guides and other. – Translations of juridical character. It is the translation of all juridical documents, treaties, contracts, agreements, lawyer’s expertise, regulations etc. We translate all kinds of tax documents, all inquiries, certificates, business plans, all business documents. – Literature and fiction translation. All literature texts, letters of different kinds, books, articles, public speeches, mass media, Internet, information agency materials, translation of software, websites, games, audio and video films, and also texts on different topics. We have reasonable prices and excellent quality. We value each of our customers.

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