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Teambuilding Beat the Box

Beat the Box unikal timbildinq oyunu

Team building Beat the Box is a unique team-building game from Konsis Group that tests participants’ logical thinking and ability to work in a team.

From the very first minutes it is clear that every aspect of this team building is designed for taking advantage of modern games. This ensures that participants are seriously engaged and have a great time. Competition with a limited time adds excitement.

Divided into small teams, the groups will solve various problems in the format of escape games. They must be solved in order, and, each time the level of testing becomes higher and higher. The ultimate goal is to discover a mysterious motto that can stop time.

Since 2012,  escape games have become increasingly popular and the concept being used for team building activities. Unlike other games, Beat the Box can be played anywhere, for example, in a meeting room, office, restaurant. It can be played by large or small groups of people.

Beat the Box Тимбилдинг Ящик Пандоры

Beat the Box is a fun game that requires the full participation of all team members. A variety of tasks helps to improve as many skills as possible and improve creativity in the team.

As a result, all teams work together to combine all the clues and find the correct code. Teamwork is the key element here. Beat the Box is a great way to bring fun and exciting to corporate parties, conferences and events.

Game description Teambuilding Beat the Box

The game is played in a closed space, where teams are given a limited time to solve a special code that stops the countdown. The only items in the room are closed aluminum boxes. Inside these boxes participants find smaller boxes containing codes and riddles.

The last box contains letters. If you place the letters in the correct order, the hidden sentence will form. Regards to this, the password will be guessed, the countdown will stop, and the game will end. In addition to improving teamwork, the game helps participants learn how to work under time pressure and make quick decisions.

If you want to strengthen teamwork in your company and diversify your leisure time, then the Beat the Box game is an excellent choice. It is suitable for teams of any level and helps build trust and cooperation between participants.

Teambuilding Beat the Box

Team building customization

This game values personal touch. Want to incorporate a specific element of your company’s branding, cultural theme, or mission statement into your event? Let us know what you want and we will be happy to make it for you.