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Konsis Group presents team building Boom time

Timbildinq Boom Time komanda qurma oyunu

Team building Boom time is a program from the Konsis Group Company that allows strengthening and increasing the efficiency of the team. As part of the program, participants work on a series of tasks aimed at improving communication and organizational skills and developing leadership qualities.

Boom time is the perfect opportunity for companies looking to increase the productivity of their workforce and strengthen team spirit.

Konsis Group takes a professional approach to the organization of its programs and ensures quality work with all participants.

Konsis Group-dan timbildinqın brendinqi Boom Time

What is “Team building Boom time” and how is it done?

Besides being fun, Boom Time is a great way to create team spirit among colleagues at meetings and corporate events. The participants who come together in this game are convinced in practice how important it is to listen to each other, to be in harmony with common tasks and to develop creatively together.

Do not worry if you have no musical training or experience playing an instrument. Not technical skills are important here, but the desire to work together as a team and create music together. This teamwork is an opportunity to unleash your creative potential and gain positive emotions by communicating with your colleagues.

As a result, including a Boom Time team building activity in the event program can recharge positive energy, build a cohesive team and strengthen friendships between colleagues.

Тимбилдинг Время Музыки от Компании Консис

Boom time can involve employees playing familiar songs or even composing a company song. We use specialized instruments such as boom boxes, which can be easily played in a few minutes.

Large screens can display prompts with falling notes to help participants better navigate the musical process. This type of team building helps to instill teamwork skills in employees and build interaction within the team.

Boom Time team building activities have been proven worldwide to enliven meetings and create excitement and a sense of team unity. Participants are more energized, united and motivated. Every participant will enjoy taking part in this teambuilding activity and will be better able to work as a team in the future.

Konsis Group presents team building Boom time

Team building branding from Konsis Group

One of the key elements of a successful event is branding. At Konsis, we offer our clients the opportunity to add a branding element to their team building programs, allowing participants to become even more involved in the atmosphere and values of the company. Teambuilding branding can help create a sense of belonging to the team and motivate participants to achieve common goals.