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The Infinite Loop a virtual reality team building

The İnfinite Loop, Virtual reallıq timbildinq proqramı

The Infinite Loop is the VR business game which help participants learn teamwork, improve leadership and  team communication.

This team-building program is a business game based on teamwork and fast communication in real time.  The player describes a problem in the virtual world, his/her colleagues find a solution in the real world.

All activities are conducted by professional trainers and instructors who will help participants achieve their goals and to have fun. Thus, participants will not only improve their professional skills, but also strengthen their relationships in the team.

The İnfinite Loop - online timbildinq oyununun təsviri

The Infinite Loop (VR business Game) team building description

The team receives a special task and one of the participants take virtual reality glasses. Through VR glasses the participant enters into the virtual world of the game.

The team’s mission is to move between the virtual and real worlds in search of clues to help the player to escape and return him/her to the real world.

One by one, team members wear the VR glasses and describe the virtual world, while their comrades in the real world solve problems for several locked modules that open doors to different rooms, using the Clue Book.

When all the tasks are completed and it seems that victory is already in hand, the second level opens, and the teams will have to go through the same rooms, solving more difficult problems.

The goal of the game is to create competition between teams, because the game progress of each team will be shown on the main screen.

Results of The Infinite Loop (VR business Game)  teambuilding

It is a management-oriented business game based on real-time collaboration and fast communication. When players describe a problem in the virtual world, their colleagues find a solution in the real world. Constant communication and the ability to trust your team members allows you to solve problems in the most effective way. The game is a flexible and powerful tool for solving complex problems facing employees in modern companies.

Программа виртуальной реальности - The İnfinite Loop

Team building branding by Konsis Group

Konsis Group offers services for organizing the İnfinite Loop team building using your company’s branding. Branding games for team building is an important element that helps establish an emotional connection with participants and strengthen a company’s image.