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Escape Games

Escape games are about solving clues and deciphering codes to escape a themed scenario.

Escape games combine elements of adventure, theater, teamwork and special effects. Although the theme of each room may differ, they all present the challenge of escaping by cracking codes, deciphering clues and utilizing various skill-sets under extreme time pressure. Their popularity is growing rapidly worldwide. The first escape game began in Kyoto in July 2007, now there is scarcely a city in the world that does not accommodate at least one escape room. Escape rooms are the ultimate example of the experience economy, a new generation of consumers are emerging who seek meaningful experience and create lasting memories as opposed to passively consuming. 

We have a range of Escape Game style team building activities that draw on the same elements of mystery, adventure and problem solving. They are proven to enhance team bonding through shared experience and moreover, challenge creative thinking and problem solving skills in an informal way. Team members learn to collaborate combining skills to achieve success and in some team building exercises teams need to collaborate to achieve success for all. They are an experiential learning tool to break down silo mentality and boast interdepartmental cooperation. Escape games provide a level playing field to explore team dynamics. Communication, strong leadership, and understanding your colleague’s individual strengths are all key components to a successful business (and escaping a locked box!)

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