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HSE Policy

The key goal of KONSIS Group is to create a safe working environment by implementing our projects according to existing local and international requirements, without harming the health and property of people, equipment, the environment, as well as those who may be affected by our activity.

We are committed to:

  • Implementing an HSE policy, protecting the environment, health, welfare, and safety of people and property;
  • Performing our operations according to ISO45001 and ISO14001 standards, demonstrating our commitment to internationally accepted health and safety management practices and environmental management systems;
  • Managing HSE like other important activities by adopting standards for measuring, assessing, and reporting development and work results;
  • Duly reporting all incidents, investigate and record them, and share the conclusions drawn from their analysis to prevent the further recurrence of such incidents;
  • Ensuring a systematic approach to health, safety, and environment (HSE) management to continually improve our HSE performance;
  • Applying safety principles at the design stage to forecast and mitigate potential risks;
  • Ensuring regular monitoring, checking, and maintenance of all rescue, firefighting, and other safety-critical equipment according to legal requirements and manufacturers’ recommendations;
  • Timely addressing all HSE deficiencies and nonconformities identified during audits, inspections, and incident investigations, as well as learned from other sources;
  • Preventing accidents and occupational diseases by managing health and safety risks in the workplace;
  • Promoting ‘sectoral best’ HSE practices.
  • Supporting a culture where everyone may contribute to the implementation of this policy;
  • Working with other parties, students, employees, partners, regulators, neighbors, suppliers, and contractors to improve HSE standards in our industry;

According to these requirements, we undertake to:

  • Implement a unified risk-based HSE management system rest on British standards;
  • Fully comply with all applicable local laws and other voluntary standards we have adopted;
  • Define goals and targets for sustainable development and analyze, assess, and report our performance;
  • Require all of our employees and assistants to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in our enterprise.

Our goal is sound, reliable, and safe operation without accidents and harm to people’s health and nature.