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Sustainability policy

Environmental policy

Increasingly, sustainability is becoming a key issue for businesses and society in general, as people realize that current industrial, economic and social systems are storing up problems for the future. Sustainability is not about moving backwards but about looking forwards to new, better ways of doing things.


Konsis’s mission is to deliver exceptional events that make a positive contribution to society and corporate market and our shared future. We aim to manage our operations with pioneering environmental practices and social responsibility at their core. We endeavor to play a leadership role, inspiring audiences, the wider event industry and society to make positive changes that contribute to happiness and a positive future for all life on the planet.

We believe in the triple bottom line concept of sustainability

Environmental – reducing environmental damage to levels that can naturally be absorbed by nature.


Social – developing a healthy and fair global and local society.

Financial – creating sustainable business models and stable, prosperous economies

Environmental Office Statement:

Each office is expected to adhere to the Company Sustainable Procurement Policy and all employees are asked to follow the guidance. All office sites are expected to have in place energy efficiency, recycling systems, smart watering, ethical purchasing for fair-trade products.

Energy efficiency:

Using less energy to perform the same energy function like turning on a light, heating/cooling offices, driving a car, etc. As an example of energy efficiency is using LED bulbs o produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs as well as turning off lights and computers, when they are not in use.

Enerji səmərəliliyi

Smart Watering:

Less water consumed = a lower energy bill.
Save money on bottled water and be more ecofriendly.
Check office property regularly for leaks on your internal plumbing.
Put signs reminding your co-workers to turn off the water after use If landscaping is watered, make sure it`s done in the morning.

Recycling Systems:

Going paperless
Provide more bins
Conduct waste audit
Providing reusable company water bottles/coffee cups
Encouraging staff to recycle
Smart watering
Ethical purchasing
An annual review of progress and performance will ensure continuous improvement



– Annual Green Action Plan
– Food concessions minimum standards
– Sustainable Travel Policy
– Monitoring and measuring impacts
– Reducing energy consumption in the offices, switching the light bulbs into the
  energy-saving bulbs
– Minimize artificial lightning and make use of skylight windows
– Evaluate hot water heaters
– Waste management policy.