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4 factors influencing the success of your event

Rəqəmsal Davos masaları

Does it happen that you receive a beautiful invitation from the organizers of a very relevant event in a fashionable hotel, come to the event with enthusiasm, but leave it with a feeling of wasted time and disappointment between expectation and reality?

Rəqəmsal Davos masaları

The reason for this can be both a totally incompetent organization and a failure to account for critical moments that can destroy the effect even of a well-planned event.

Let’s look at the factors influencing the success of the event:

1. Careful planning

Any event requires a clear and detailed plan. Proper planning of the event, determining its purpose and concept, deadlines for completing tasks, taking into account all critical nuances is the key to success.

2. Ensuring smooth and clear coordination between the elements of the main plan

The event management system will help you to ensure continuous communication and clear boundaries of responsibility between all participants of the organizational process, control the entire process from preparation for to completion and, thereby, avoid unnecessary stress before and during the event.

3. Technical equipment

No significant event takes place without special equipment. You will need well-placed lighting and sound systems, LED screens or other projection equipment with or without backdrop, special stands, a registration system, etc. Properly selected equipment, managed by qualified technical staff, along with professional event management, produces an additional effect that makes your event extraordinary.

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4. A particularly important point is the choice of a responsible and experienced partner

When renting professional equipment, it is important to pay attention to the qualifications of technical personnel and the professionalism of the vendor. An unsuccessfully selected light or sound system, carelessly mounted elements, a poor-quality banner or brandwall, visually ugly decorated zones, etc. can spoil the impression of your event, or even lead to a total failure, while zeroing out all organizational efforts and damaging the business reputation of the company or brand.

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Choose a vendor so that you do not have to experience stress, solve tasks related to the vendor’s area of responsibility, and reap the negative results of the event in the form of failure to achieve the event’s goal, damage to reputation, indirect and often direct cost increases, etc. Also check in advance the availability of permits and approval documents for installation.

Organizing an event is a complex process that requires great responsibility and special attention to critical points. We wish you successful events, where Konsis Group will provide you with high-quality equipment and facilities, qualified personnel, well-coordinated prosess with the post-event report, which is provided by the unique Event Management System from Konsis Group. Konsis Group will also help with cost optimization and advise on choosing the optimal equipment according to the concept of your event.