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Wired or wireless conference microphones? What type is used in conferences in Azerbaijan today?

Kabelli yoxsa kabelsiz konfrans mikrofonu? China and İndia president meeting əsas

It’s 2024 and we’re getting questions from event organizers about wired or wireless conference microphones. We have explored this topic for you. We will tell you about the pros and cons of wired and wireless desktop conference microphones.

Wireless microphones for conferences


The only advantage of wireless conference microphones is the absence of a cable. Conference tables look neater without cables.

Weak sides

Wireless conferencing microphones are a new technology that has not yet proven itself, so conferencing service providers are slow to include such microphones in their equipment park.

Wireless microphones communicate with each other using Wi-Fi technology. We know that a conference in which such technology is installed cannot provide the desired signal level everywhere due to the peculiarity of signal blocking by the concrete walls of the hall.

Wireless microphones are battery operated. Therefore, every time before the event, a technician must go out to charge all the batteries. Given the human factor, if the microphone battery dies during a conference, the microphone of an important guest of the event may fail.

Wireless microphones are not preferred at high privacy events. Since the signal transmission method of such microphones is wireless, it is unreliable in terms of being able to go outside the conference room.

Wired conference microphones

Weak sides

Wired conference microphones have become the standard for conferences and events, and the only downside is that the cables are visible on the table.


The signal is strong and reliable because the connection is via cable.

Since it does not have a battery, the human factor problem associated with charging it is eliminated, and a reliable sound and microphone system can be provided at conferences.

Wired microphones are still used today at the world’s largest conferences and meetings because they provide the reliable communication that has been around for decades. In the following pictures we will show you examples of such conferences.


Turkey president meeting Kabelli konfrans mikrofonları

It can be concluded that a wired microphone is a viable option today. In the coming years, we will continue to explore developments in battery technology and wireless conferencing. But in all other cases, wired microphones are currently preferred all over the world.