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Exhibition Constructions: Innovative Solutions for Successful Events

Sərgi konstruksiyaları - Exhibition Constructions - Выставочные конструкции

Since 2006, Konsis Group has been a leader in the design and setup of conference rooms, exhibition halls, offices, and production facilities, thanks to our high-quality service and innovative approaches.

Our mission is to develop the most modern exhibition stands and environmentally friendly solutions. We are committed to sustainable development in all our operations, from design to production management. Environmental responsibility and innovation are the core principles of our work.

Exhibition Stand Planning

Effective exhibition stand planning is crucial for attracting attention and engaging with visitors. We offer comprehensive solutions for organizing space, considering all necessary elements.

Sərgi stendlərinin dizaynı və hazırlanması

Presentation Area

The presentation area is where exhibits, product samples, informational materials, and promotional items are displayed. This space creates the first impression of the company and attracts potential clients. We design unique and memorable presentation areas that highlight the advantages of your products and enhance visual impact.

Sərgi avadanlıqlarının icarəsi

Service Area

For efficient exhibition operations, service areas such as changing rooms, storage spaces, and places for storing goods are essential. The service area ensures the convenience and efficiency of staff work and the organized storage of equipment and products. We provide well-thought-out solutions for service areas, addressing all your business needs.

Выставочные конструкции: Инновационные решения для успешных мероприятий

Meeting Area

The meeting area is a vital part of the exhibition stand, especially if personal communication with clients is prioritized. Depending on the event format and the nature of the products, meeting spaces can occupy up to 60% of the total area. If visual perception of the product is preferred, the meeting area may take up to 40% of the space. We create comfortable and functional meeting areas that facilitate effective client interactions.

Exhibition Stand Design

For us, graphic design is not just visual communication but also a problem-solving process using typography, photography, and illustration. Our graphic designers create unique logos, posters, billboards, and commercials that visually convey key messages and ideas. We offer a personalized approach to each project, considering the brand’s specifics and target audience expectations.

Exhibition Equipment Rental

Konsis Group offers a wide range of exhibition equipment to create stands of any format and complexity. We provide comprehensive services, from consulting on equipment selection to installation and support during the event. Our experience allows us to guarantee high-quality execution and adherence to the strictest standards.

Konsis Group is not just a company providing exhibition and conference hall design services. We are your reliable partner in creating innovative and impressive spaces that help you stand out and achieve success at any event. If you are looking for professionals capable of turning your ideas into reality, contact us—Konsis Group is always ready to help you achieve your goals.