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Lecterns for Events

Tədbirlər üçün tribunalar - Трибуны Для Мероприятий

Organizing events, conferences and sporting competitions requires not only space, but also the right equipment to ensure comfort and convenience for participants. Providing quality lecterns becomes an integral part of creating the right atmosphere, and by renting them, you can meet the needs of your event at the highest level.

Our selection of lecterns is varied and customizable to suit your unique needs while providing high levels of comfort and functionality.

Lectern for Branding

Трибуны Для Мероприятий - Трибуна Модель для Брендирования

We offer various models of lecterns that are suitable for branding. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your brand or sponsors at an event. With the ability to add logos, color schemes or promotional materials, this lectern will become an integral part of your corporate identity or advertising campaign.

LED monitorlu tribunalar və modelləri

Lecterns with Led Monitor

Our range includes lecterns equipped with led monitors, which provide the possibility of broadcasting, showing videos or presentations in real time. This is a great way to improve the audience experience and create memorable moments at your event.

Agile Led Lectern for unique events

Unikal tədbirlər üçün LED agile tribunalar

Invented by the famous designer Karim Rashidi, these lecterns will become an indispensable attribute of gala evenings, award ceremonies, as well as sophisticated events.

Unique stands with a special LED lectern create an impressive and bright atmosphere. Not only is it a stylish addition to your event, but it also allows you to highlight important moments and make accents by adding visually appealing lighting.

Трибуны Для Мероприятий - Светодиодная трибуна для уникальных мероприятий

Plexiglas Lectern

The main advantage of Plexiglas lecterns (acrylic stands) is their low weight and mobility. They are not only compact, but also easy to transport, operate and maintain. We produce designs in standard sizes, as well as custom-made products in individual sizes. In addition, you can choose a color, add text or a company logo, and create a backlit front panel or a transparent shelf with individual elements.

Plexiglass Tribun (Akril stendlər) - Трибуна из оргстекла

Lectern water stand

Dedicated lecterns that are provided with side water stands to provide your event participants easy access to water. You can also brand the front side of the stand.

Lecterns water stand