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Professional rental and installation of stage structures: Truss and lighting equipment

Səhnə konstruksiyalarının peşəkar icarəsi və quraşdırılması

Stage constructions, especially lighting equipment, are the main elements of the event. Konsis group is a leading provider of stage rentals and lighting equipment with professional solutions to create stunning events of any size.

Konsis group is a team of experts with extensive experience in the design, rental and installation of stage trusses and lighting equipment. Renting trusses and lighting rigs has become a popular solution among event planners in recent years as it offers flexibility and efficiency in the installation and use of lighting equipment.

The company provides services for various types of events: exhibitions, festivals, corporate events, sporting events and other public events. Renting trusses and lighting equipment allows event organizers to make the most of their space and create a unique atmosphere, combining functionality, reliability and aesthetics.

Types of truss and lighting equipment

 T-truss for lighting

T-trusses for lighting are one of the most common types of structures used in the entertainment and events industry. Their modular structure allows creating various configurations of lighting equipment, ensuring optimal distribution of light in space.

işıqlandırma avadanlıqlarının növləri - T-truss - оснастки для освещения

Lighting stand with t-bar

Lighting stands with t-bars are used for accurate, direct light to the desired areas of the. They provide stable and reliable support for lighting fixtures, allowing adjusting the angle and height of the lighting.

Səhnə konstruksiyaları T-forma ştativ

Truss banner

Trusses can be used not only for lighting, but also to support various decorative elements and advertising banners. Their stable design and ability to attach a variety of materials make trusses an important element in creating attractive visual content.

Səhnə konstruksiyaları tras banner

Box truss

Their architectural form often determines the visual appeal of events. Trusses can be used to create unusual architectural shapes and structures, such as boxes and frames that help add unique character to an area.

Goal post truss

Lighting in outdoor areas often requires special designs to withstand various weather conditions. Metal lighting poles provide the necessary strength and stability when placing lighting equipment outdoors. This truss is used for flying lighting fixtures, tv monitors and projectors.

İşıqlandırma üçün tras (totem) - оснастки для освещения

Flown truss

The use of suspended trusses allows for the creation of airy and light architectural elements, demonstrating an innovative approach to lighting and design. Led screens can easily be hung on these structures.

Səhnə konstruksiyaları Asma tras