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Rental of led screens and their assortments

LED ekranlar - Светодиодные экраны - Led screens

Led screens have become an indispensable tool for events, advertising, concerts and presentations due to their brightness, flexibility and ability to create high-quality video content. When choosing a screen to rent, it is important to consider the specific needs of the event, the venue, and the visual goals. No matter what type of led screen you choose to hire, it is important to ensure that it meets the image quality, resolution and size requirements for maximum performance at your event. Renting led screens opens up enormous opportunities for creating exciting and memorable visual images at any event.

Led screens and types

There are some types of led screens according to their purpose and shape.

Ground supported led screen

This type of screen is installed on the ground and can be used to create interactive areas, display information, or even as a decorative element. It is highly durable and allows you to create impressive effects. The floor installation system supports the installation of led screens up to 5 meters high.

Led screen on goal post truss - Светодиодные экраны

Led screen on goal post truss

Led screen on goal post truss enable large, dramatic structures to be created for indoor and outdoor events, providing a striking and memorable visual presentation. They are a metal frame structure onto which cabinets of led screens are mounted. The design depends on the shape, type, size and weight of the screen.

LED ekran asma tras ilə - Светодиодные экраны

Led screen flyıng from truss

This type of screen is great for situations where it is important to use space efficiently. It is installed on a suspended truss and allows you to create impressive video installations above the viewers heads.

Светодиодный экран на подвесной ферме

Led screen arches

The arch-shaped screen allows you to create unique visual effects, attracting the attention of viewers. It is ideal for event entrances, photo areas or decorative elements, adding special charm to the event. They provide the ability to adjust to any door size. The led screen display will be designed in accordance with the event’s branding concept.

Arka LED Ekranlar - Светодиодные экраны

Led screen in branded frame

Using led screens as backdrops on stage or as walls makes it possible to create unique atmospheres and makes it easy to change the backdrop to suit the theme of the event. This type of screen is ideal for branding, as it provides the opportunity to brand the side panels of the stage.

Brendinqlı cərçivədə olan led ekranlar
Светодиодный экран в брендированной раме
Led screen in branded frame

Maın led screen wıth sub screens

These led screens provide the unique ability to display content on three surfaces at once, making it ideal for events where content is visible from multiple angles. The triple led screen looks like three separate screens combined into one overall composition and provides exceptional visual impact with crisp images. It is suitable for all types of events.