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Magic Effects: The Variety of Their Uses at Events

Sehrli effektlər - Волшебные Эффекты - Magic Effects

Special effects are crucial in creating a memorable and exciting visual experience at events. In this article, we will explore the exciting world of effects by discussing key terms and their use in the entertainment industry.

Effects play an important role in creating impressive and exciting shows, transforming ordinary events into magical and unforgettable moments for the audience. However, it is essential to remember that using effects requires special care and concern for safety. This is to ensure that each performance is bright, unique, and safe for all participants.

Cold Sparks

Creating a magical atmosphere with sparks is a wonderful idea, but safety should always be the top priority. Conventional pyrotechnic effects can be dangerous, which is why cold sparks are a safer alternative. Unlike conventional pyrotechnics, they are produced using special devices that do not heat up, which ensures the safety of both the audience and the environment. The height of the spark is usually around 2-3 meters, and they burn for 30 seconds

Geyser Fog and LED light

The combination of the geyser fog effect and LED technology results in a breathtaking illusion. The dense fog, illuminated by multi-colored LEDs, creates one-of-a-kind effects, making any performance or event feel magical. The height of the fog reaches up to 2-3 meters, and the eruption can be easily controlled through a remote. The eruption typically lasts for 10-15 seconds

Low Fog Machine

This type of machine produces a thin layer of mist that stays near the ground. It is commonly used to create a dreamy “flying on the clouds” effect or to enhance particular scenes, providing them with an enigmatic and airy sensation. The quantity of mist generated depends on the amount of water and dry ice used.


Машина с Низким Уровнем Тумана

Bubble Machine Effects

An unconventional yet highly effective way to bring amusement and grandiosity to any stage is by using a bubble machine. The bubbles produced by such a machine can be utilized for a variety of events, from children’s performances to dance shows, or simply to create a joyful and light-hearted atmosphere. The bubble machine can cover an area of 50 square meters, with an eruption height of up to 2 meters. It consumes about 1-1.5 liters of liquid per hour

Köpük maşınının istehsal etdiyi köpüklər müxtəlif tədbirlər üçün və ya sadəcə olaraq şən və yüngül bir atmosfer yaratmaq üçün istifadə edilə bilər.

Haze Machine Effects

This effect is commonly used in events to enhance light rays and backlighting, creating a magical atmosphere when combined with lighting equipment and a smoke machine

Fire Machine DMX

This is a technology that can be used to create realistic flame effects without any safety risks. It enables precise control of the height and intensity of the flame, thus adding drama and realism to performances. The height of the fire generated by this technology is 2-3 meters, and the eruption can be controlled using a remote control. The duration of one eruption is between 3 to 5 seconds.

Пламя Машина DMX
Используется для создания реалистичных эффектов пламени, без риска для безопасности

Confetti Machine

During the artist’s performance, confetti or other light decorative material can be blown onto the stage or into the auditorium. The device creates a continuous vortex of confetti or other light decorative material in the air, creating either a storm or a smooth rise. The installation site can be located up to 10 meters away from the area where the confetti is released. It is estimated that approximately 1 kg of confetti will be blown per minute

Konfetti Maşını
Konfeti sənətçinin çıxışı boyu səhnəyə və ya auditoriyaya vurula bilən rəngarəng effektdir