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What should you know when ordering an event stage and backdrop from Konsis?

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Event stage and backdrop is the central element showing and representing the quality of your entire event. In Konsis we have the experience and resources to create memorable stage and backdrop designs that will showcase your event is worth attending and any speaker taking that stage will boost his confidence. We use large multimedia screens and proper quality materials to create your event stage. Below we explain important elements which clients need to know when discussing event stage ideas with us.

Stage design

Your in-house design team or outsource design partner should provide design and dimensions for the stage. If you do not have these resources, our graphic and 3D design team can help you to design your stage.

Stage backdrop design and production

Stage backdrop is the most important part of your event setup. This can be a basic banner and vinyl backdrop on metallic frames, or a custom built backdrop to match your event and corporate style. We have done any type of stage backdrop production for business events, conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, MICE events, town hall meetings, fashion shows, car presentations. You should include a week for standard backdrop production, but you should plan well ahead, at least 3-4 weeks in advance for design and production, if you need a custom built backdrop.

Multimedia requirement for your event backdrop

Today large led screens are an integral part of any presentation. You should inform your event manager about your desire regarding monitor dimensions. If you do not have any idea, don’t worry, we have plenty of completed designs you may choose from.

Stage carpet flooring

Your stage may have different flooring depending on show requirements. Most used flooring on the stage is exhibition grade carpet flooring. Carpets come in many basic colors. Some colors are difficult to source in Baku. Therefore carpet color should be communicated to Konsis in advance to look for availability.

Stage thick royal carpet flooring

This carpet is three times the price of regular carpet flooring. This carpet color choice is limited and needs to be checked in advance.

Stage branding

We have many options to give you an idea about how to design and branding of your stage front and side panels.

Stage stairs

We have ready stairs and they can be placed in many positions. You should consult with your event manager about the best position for stairs under a certain scenario of your event.

Setup and teardown times

Stage building, carpet flooring, stage branding is not a quick task, and setup and teardown times should be planned in advance to give plenty of time for the setup crew to produce a quality job. You should plan between 6-12 hours for stage and backdrop installation, and up to 4 hours for tear down.