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Konsis Group Engages at ADA University’s 12th Career Fair

Konsis Group ADA Universitetinin 12-ci Karyera yarmarkasında iştirak etdi

ADA University recently held its 12th career fair, which was attended by a variety of institutions and companies, different ministries, prominent companies in the banking, tourism, and communication sectors, as well as representatives of international organizations.

12-й карьерная ярмарка Университета ADA

A total of 137 government institutions and companies took part in the event, playing an important role in bridging the gap between students and potential employers.

One of the highlights of the fair was the opportunity it provided for ADA University students and graduates to interact directly with potential employers. Participants could present their resumes, participate in discussions, and even take part in on-the-spot interviews. Among the companies offering internship opportunities was Konsis Group.

Konsis Group Engages at ADA University's 12th Career Fair

Konsis Group is a company offering organizational, creative services, and technical equipment rental specifically designed for the events and conferences sector. By expanding internship opportunities, Konsis Group demonstrated its commitment to developing talent within the local community and building partnerships with educational institutions.

Konsis Group ADA Universitetinin 12-ci Karyera yarmarkasında iştirak etdi

ADA University’s 12th career fair served as a valuable platform for students and graduates to explore career growth opportunities, establish connections, and gain practical experience in various industries. The participation of companies like Konsis Group not only enriches the event but also contributes to the broader goal of expanding opportunities for the next generation of professionals in Azerbaijan.

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