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COP29 Team: Key Directions of Work

COP29 Komandası Əsas İş İstiqamətləri

At the VI World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue held in Baku, Yalcin Rafiyev, the chief negotiator of COP29, discussed the three main directions of the team’s work.

COP29 Komandası Əsas İş İstiqamətləri

The first direction involves preparing for the negotiation by actively consulting with participants and different states to examine their positions and develop a strategy for future negotiations.

The second direction is related to the agenda of the COP29 presidency.

The third direction focuses on implementing corresponding measures and steps at the national level in Azerbaijan.

The forum, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, brought together 700 guests from different countries and conducted ten panel discussions and four plenary sessions. The event was held in collaboration with international organizations such as the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), UNESCO, ISESCO, and the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The forum took place from May 1 to May 3.

In addition to the aforementioned directions, the COP29 team is also actively engaging in initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among nations to address pressing global challenges related to climate change and sustainable development. Through partnerships with various stakeholders and the sharing of best practices, COP29 seeks to catalyze collective action towards achieving ambitious climate goals and promoting a green and resilient future for all.