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Exquisite Lighting: Equipment Rental

İdeal işıqlandırma avadanlıqlarının icarəsi və quraşdırılması

Each project requires its own lighting to bring a unique atmosphere and convey emotions to the audience.

Choosing the right lighting equipment plays a key role in creating visual images. Renting a variety of lighting solutions provides many opportunities for creativity and allows you to tailor the lighting to the requirements of each project.

We provide lighting equipment rental services and will help you choose the best options for specific tasks. In addition, we provide the necessary equipment and technical support at every stage of the project.

Types of lighting equipment

Let us look at a few key pieces of equipment that you can rent and use to create stunning lighting.

Wash light

Wash light is the basis for creating uniform illumination of your subject or performance. It plays an important role in creating a uniform backdrop of lighting, eliminating harsh shadows and adding depth to the scene. This soft light removes shadows and highlights details. It allows you to precisely adjust the intensity and direction of light, which is especially important for professional photography and video production. Various types of flood light panels or soft boxes allow you to choose the optimal lighting for a specific scene.

Wash light is the basis for creating uniform illumination of your subject or performance

Moving head beam

Floodlights with a moving head provide a unique ability to control the direction of light. They provide smooth changes in the direction of light during the event, creating fascinating effects and emphasizing important moments. This allows you to create dynamic effects and light games, which is especially important when designing performances, concerts or photo shoots. The spotlight can also be controlled via the lighting table, allowing you to easily change movements, colors and program patterns. Renting such equipment makes it easy to adapt lighting to the specific needs of the project

Hərəkət edən işıq projektorunun icarəsi

Profile spot ETC Source four zoom

ETC SOURCE FOUR ZOOM profile luminaires offer high precision in controlling the shape and direction of light. This is an ideal choice for performances where it is important to highlight certain elements of the stage. Renting profile lighting provides the ability to fine-tune light characteristics and create a unique atmosphere. These profile illuminators allow you to precisely adjust the size and shape of the light spot. They are ideal for highlighting specific objects or highlighting certain details. We clean lighting equipment after each use so that it is ready for the next event.

LED pixel bars

Pixel LED light bars provide the ability to create unique lighting effects, including movement, color changes and light pulsation. The use of pixel LED beams opens up enormous possibilities for creating a variety of lighting effects. LED bars, strips or pixel blocks are used for wall lighting. Thanks to the RGB matching system, the color spectrum is limitless. Renting such equipment is especially relevant for events where energetic and spectacular lighting is important.

LED işıqlar hərəkət, rəng dəyişiklikləri və işıq pulsasiyası daxil olmaqla unikal işıq effektləri yaratmaq imkanı verir

Follow spotlight

A tracking light, also known as a follow light, provides a powerful, long-range beam of light. This is ideal for illuminating distant objects or creating the effect of focusing on a specific area. It is placed in the farthest part of the hall, usually on the podium. The spotlight, manually controlled by the operator, is aimed at the center of the action on stage. Renting light guns is especially useful at galas, conferences with a stage, concerts, festivals and other large events.

Прожектор следящего света, также известный как световая пушка, предоставляет мощный и дальний луч света

Red hat lights

Red hat light provides constant, stable illumination, making it an ideal choice for filming. They provide constant brightness and can be used for photography and video. Renting studio lighting systems gives you maximum control over your lighting, which is especially important when shooting in a studio environment or small spaces. They are mainly used to illuminate photo walls, brand walls and other areas for photographs

Постоянный студийный свет предоставляет постоянное, стабильное освещение, что делает его идеальным выбором для съемо

Lightning stand with T-bar

The T-bar light stand provides a stable platform for placing lighting equipment. This element plays a key role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of lighting equipment. T-bar lighting stands provide a convenient way to mount and position lighting equipment at the desired height and angle. Renting T-bar racks makes installation easy and ensures your equipment remains secure throughout the event.

Choosing the right lighting equipment depends on the specific needs of your project. Renting professional lighting equipment makes it possible to use the latest technologies and take a creative approach to creating a unique atmosphere in each project. Our team of professionals will help you decide on the right lighting for your event.

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