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Rent of Touch Screen Information Kiosks

Sensorlu məlumat köşklərinin icarəsi

The introduction of Touch Screen Information Kiosks makes it possible not only to present content but also to interact with customers. Registration of visitors, conducting surveys and lotteries, selling tickets, as well as introducing goods and services are all available through such kiosks, which makes communication with the audience more interactive and attractive.

Such kiosks can be customized with a unique branded interface specifically designed for a company. This enhances the image and creates a unique experience for visitors.

The easy way to find information also attracts attention. Visitors will be able to quickly and easily find the information they need through an intuitive interface, improving the overall experience.

Integrating such kiosks with a database and a unified visitor service system allows you to create a single space where all data is collected and managed centrally. This leads to more efficient management and Customer Service.

An important aspect is the support and maintenance of kiosks. Providing regular updates, technical support, and quick response to issues (troubleshooting) are important aspects of renting Information Kiosks. Information Kiosks are widely used in a variety of industries and in cases where it is important to provide access to information, improve Customer Service, and simplify interactions.


Сенсорные экраны позволяют собирать данные о взаимодействии пользователя с контентом

Information Kiosks are used:

Trade and Retail Stores

Information Kiosks help customers find products, and find out about the availability, location, or characteristics of products. They can also offer discounts, information about new products, and promotions.

Tourism and Hospitality

In hotels, airports, or tourist information centers, Information Kiosks help tourists learn about places of interest, and routes, as well as hotel and restaurant services.

Entertainment Centers

Information Kiosks can be used to sell tickets for events, games, and movies, and provide information about events and schedules.

Exhibitions and Conferences Information Kiosks used at exhibitions and conferences play a key role in providing information to visitors, making it easier to navigate the event, and providing content that enhances the overall visitor experience.

The introduction of Touch Screen Information Kiosks makes it possible not only to present content but also to interact with customers

Advantages of Information Kiosks

Image Quality

The FullHD resolution touch screen provides clear and high-quality images, which is especially important when demonstrating presentations, videos, and graphic materials.


The ability to process up to 10 touches simultaneously opens up broad prospects for interactive work with content. Users can easily zoom, drag, or interact with the content being presented, which increases engagement levels.

Presentation and Demonstration

Such kiosks are good for presenting products, services, or information materials at events, exhibitions, or stores, providing an impressive and interactive experience for audiences.

Advertising Campaigns

The ability to display commercials, banners, and interactive ads using a touch screen allows you to effectively attract attention and convince the audience of the products or services offered.

Sensorlu məlumat köşklərinin icarəsi

Analytics and Data Collection

Touch screens allow you to collect data on user interaction with content, which helps analyze audience preferences and improve the content offered. These FullHD Touch Screen Information Kiosks with multi-checkout systems provide many opportunities to attract attention, educate, inform, and engage audiences, making them an effective tool in various areas of business and events.