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Innovative Construction and Invention Team Buildings at Konsis Group

İnnovativ inşaat və ixtira timbildinq oyunu

Konsis Group offers a variety of team-building programs that aim to improve collaboration, creativity, and communication among employees. These initiatives not only bring team members together but also provide a platform for developing essential skills that are necessary for success in a dynamic work environment.

İnnovativ inşaat və ixtira timbildinq oyunu

iBuild Team Building:

The iBuild program at Konsis Group aims to enhance teamwork skills by providing a hands-on learning experience. Participants are divided into small teams where each member has an assigned role in the communication chain. The task is to construct a model using simple parts within a set timeframe, following a chosen strategy. This activity fosters teamwork and emphasizes the significance of individual contributions toward achieving a shared goal.

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City Build Team Building:

In the City Build team-building activity, the interaction between teams plays a crucial role. The teams work together to connect the transport routes of neighboring sectors and create a cohesive and logically arranged city layout. With a detailed work plan and inter-team cooperation, participants use their materials and creativity to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing dream city. Finally, the activity culminates with the teams bringing their sectors together to celebrate the success of their collective efforts.

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Flat Formula One Team Building:

Flat Out F1 is an exciting team-building activity that combines the competitive thrill of racing with the inspiration of professional motorsport. This activity recognizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the business world and helps to strengthen the bond between employees while boosting motivation. It provides a unique and engaging way for teams to work together towards a common goal.

İnnovativ inşaat və ixtira timbildinq oyunları (1)

To summarize, Konsis Group’s construction and innovation team-building activities are not limited to conventional approaches. We offeremployees an enjoyable and efficient method to improve their teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities. These efforts not only foster a more united work environment but also contribute to the organization’s overall success and expansion.