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Creative services

We offer a full range of creative services, starting from the development of concepts for designing business, educational and other activities till creation of visual materials, providing opportunity for realization of plans.

Creation of logo and branding of the event

option not selected by ClientWe develop expressive unique logos and emblems for your events to attract participants. Being concise and as well capacious, they will be remembered for a long time.

The logo can reflect:

  • the theme of the event;
  • its specificity, spirit, idea;
  • place and time(season) of organization.

If you would like the logo of the event cause association with the company-organizer, we will create a logo, reflecting your corporate style.

Several options of the event logo is being developed, the work is carried out until the final approval of the logo by the customer. It is possible to create a logo by analogy with the popular events, adaptaton, customization of logos and other visual elements in accordance with the request of the customer.

Depending on its venue, the most successful format of the visual presence of the logo is being selected. If the event is outdoors, you can apply a logo visible from afar the balloon. If there are walls, floor, it is possible to project the logo on them, make it scalable and movable. During the demonstration of any materials on LCD screen, it is possible to brand it up by sticking up logo in the corner.

We also develop design of other visual elements, maintaining them in a unified corporate style of the event: invitations, seat cards, badges, folders for participants, numbers for tables in a fourchette menu.

Creation of promotional materials

IMG_9135We develop the design and manufacture of a wide range of printed products and promotional materials for informational and advertising support activities.

In promotional brochures, participants can find all the important information regarding events: material is conveniently structured, text is complemented by illustrations, brochures look presentable.

An efficient way of presenting information on events are the roll-ups, mobile stands with sliding chassis. We design banners for roll- ups and carry out printing.

Create advertisements, posters of different sizes that draw attention to the event. We develop design of posters, accurately combining image and text, overlay logo on them.

Perform application of event logo on various types of promotional materials: t-shirts, shirts, bags, caps, pens, key chains, glassware and ceramics.

List of our services includes: printing branding materials in corporate style, necessaries for each event participant – invitations, badges, dress cards, folders for information materials.