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Creative Concept Creation

Creative Services

What is creative concept creation?

The creative concept is the creation of the whole range of visual design, communication content of the event.

Our creative potential

Konsis Group employs talented and creative employees – our staff includes creative managers, graphic designers, production managers, but also relying on the extensive experience of the event organizers team, to create unique but feasible concepts matching your creative and budget expectations.

Among the main services:

  • Creative (creation of concepts, texts, scripts)
  • Design (preparation of logos, visualization of the project)
  • Production (fabrication of brandwall, printing and promo materials for the event)
  • Art management (work with artists, casting, costumes)
  • Entertainment (planning the entertainment, preparing program of performances).
Why you should choose us? You are safe with us

Konsis Group is the leading event supplier agency in Azerbaijan, with 16 years of audio visual equipment rental experience. By working with Konsis, you will be able to source all your event requirements from one company. We have audio, lighting, video equipment, including various pixel pitch led screens, multimedia server Dataton Watchout, stage systems. Woodworking and paint jobs are done in own production workshops. Experienced personnel including project managers and AV technicians.

Your next event in Baku is safe with us. We guarantee best personnel, best technical equipment, best experience in Baku for you and your participants. We will try our best to match your technical requirements and even when we do not have a specific item, we will outsource it for you for the best price available in the market. You must be assured that you will have best value for your money by working with us. We are humans and we also have limits but our limits are still broader than any other agency in Azerbaijan.

Who are we?

✅ Internal Units company: 14+
✅ Team members: 70+
✅ Completed Works: 1000+
✅ Client’s Feedback: 100+

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