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Creative Services


You tell us your event idea. We work with your team to develop it into a feasible concept. We create a matching design. Produce all needed graphic design elements.

Event creative concept creation is a dedicated team in Konsis. You work with a project team lead, creative and art managers, graphic designers to create the concept and all subsequent design elements for your next event.

In Konsis Events we have two types of clients:

First group of clients are with their own concept and design package. Konsis acts as a local technical support partner for these types of events. We provide audio visual and production support.

Second group of clients are without their own concept and design, who need everything including the creative concept creation for their events. We engage our creative team to develop event concepts for these clients. The benefit of working with Konsis in creating the creative concept of your event is that we understand the audio visual equipment, production materials availability in the market and can recommend creating feasible concepts which are budget friendly and not difficult to materialize.

Call us in the earliest stages of your event preparation efforts. It doesn’t matter for us whether we do the creative content or we work with your creative agency, just call us as early as possible, so that we can help you to go in the right direction.

Creative services