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Simultaneous interpretation is a method of oral translations, where simultaneous interpreter conveys translated speech while presenter is speaking, with only few seconds lag time. Because, simultaneous interpreters speak at the same time with speaker, they are usually work out of specially designed booth.

simultaneous interpreter  Simultaneous interpreters must possess complete command of native language they are interpreting, as well as possess technical knowledge of the topic. They must also know the nuances of the culture of the language they are interpreting into. This set of skills requires education, training and extensive experience to become a professional simultaneous interpreter.

Another important point for the success of your event is to have appropriate equipment. Even the best professional interpreter can not be productive enough without a modern simultaneous interpretation equipment.  We use state of the art Bosch simultaneous equipment in our events. Fore more info about equipment characteristics see below link:

For the best simultaneous interpretation experience at your event, consult us before you make your interpreter appointment and equipment selection. We will be happy to guide you!