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Rent of ISO standard interpreter booths

ISO standartlarına uyğun tərcüməçi kabinələrinin icarəsi

Konsis Group, a leading company in the field of providing professional solutions for business events, presents rental of interpreter booths that meet international ISO standards. Modern businesses require instant access to professional translation services, especially in the field of international conferences, symposiums and business meetings. This is where it is important to ensure comfort and convenience for translators so that they can work as efficiently as possible.

Our company offers a wide range of interpreter booths, designed to meet ISO standards, providing a high level of sound insulation and a comfortable working environment. They are innovative in design and easy to install and dismantle, what make event setup quick and efficient. They are also suitable for various types of events, from large conferences to small meetings. All booths are equipped with the necessary equipment, such as interfaces to connect to sound systems and translation equipment, to ensure smooth interpreter work throughout the event.

The main requirement of an interpreter booth is to provide ideal conditions for working with text and speech. Sound insulation allows to avoid extraneous noise and interference, which significantly affects the quality and accuracy of translation.

Tərcüməçi kabinələrimizin növləri - Tək tərcüməçi və 2 tərcüməçi üçün kabinə

Types of our interpreter booths:

1. Booth for one interpreter

Booth for one interpreter is a specially designed and equipped workspace intended for individual work by an interpreter at an event or conference. This design has a number of key features that ensure the interpreter’s comfort and efficiency while working. Typically, such booths have space for one interpreter, a table to accommodate a personal computer and the necessary interpreting equipment.

Rent of ISO standard interpreter booths

2. Booth for two interpreters

Booth for two interpreters – is a specially designed workspace created to ensure the comfort and efficiency of the work of two interpreters in simultaneous translation mode at events or conferences. To provide comfortable space for two interpreters, the booth usually has sufficient space and is divided into two individual work areas with appropriate equipment for each interpreter. These booths provide a workspace that effectively combines functionality, comfort and a high professional standard to provide quality simultaneous interpretation for events of any size.

Аренда будок для переводчиков

Our company guarantees the high quality of its services and products, which makes us an ideal partner for organizing events of any size. Our team of professionals can help determine the optimal number and type of booths needed for a specific event, ensuring efficient use of space and resources. One of our key features is an individual approach to each client.

With the rental of interpreter booths according to ISO standards from Konsis Group, you can be sure that your event will be equipped with modern and high-quality solutions that meet all the requirements of professional interpreters.