About Translation

Konsis is unambiguosly market leader in Translation for more than 10 years. We employ the largest team of in-house and freelance translators, editors and proofreaders. Our translators utilize the widest variety of commercial or client specific CAT tools available in the market today.


We use Translation Management Software where translators, editors and project admins collaborate on an online portal and clients also may have access and oversight to our translation process and have control over quality and time of delivery.


Konsis is also your strongest partner in Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation. Our pool of interpreters includes seasoned professionals in their native language pairs. Konsis owns simultaneous interpretation equipment and this gives us an edge over the competition to attract and train young and talented interpreters.


Konsis is the only Translation company in the market to be awarded with a Quality Certificate from National Standardization Certification Agency.

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